Our mission

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We provide tailor-made strategy, public relations, communication services and bespoke events to expand globally the business of Luxury Brands & Designers.

D4LUX is specialized in the implementation of integreted communication solutions to empower each Brand commercial development. We provide 360 ° consultancy to Brands, start-ups and Designers of high jewelry & rare watches to achieve expansion goals and to enhance the brand identity.

D4LUX offers an effective strategic guidance in key areas:

Establishing partnerships and developing commercial networks, creation of new lines, selection of suppliers, integrated marketing, press office activities, public relations, adv in luxury magazines, strategic partnerships, participation in events and fairs, organization of bespoke events for B2B – B2C and/or press.

D4LUX organizes international events and pop-ups in exclusive locations dedicated to High Jewelry Brands and Designers as well as the most prestigious companies of Vintage Watches and Jewelry in the field.

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Autore Pearls


Thanks to over 18 years experience in the Luxury field, D4LUX team guides you in the global growth of your Brand. Thanks to the implementation of integrated communication strategy, we empower your Brand identity and positioning.


D4LUX creates and applies the best development strategy for your own Company, tailored to make you reach the success optimizing budget and time. Laser focused on your needs, D4LUX set with you achievable steps to scale up swiftly.


D4LUX fully integrates with your Company enviroment, providing all the services you need to raise your business. D4LUX works mainly in the UK, Switzerland and Italy through video conferences and travelling whenever possible.

D4LUX communication & Strategy

3 steps to success

01. analysis

D4LUX listens to needs and analyzes data, strenghts and weakness of your Brand. D4LUX defines the steps required to achieve feasible growth goals according to your budget and time schedule.

02. strategy

D4LUX builds a strategy completely customized on your company in order to make you reach the success. Your resources are fully maximized, without any waste of budget and time.

03. execution

D4LUX team gives you the guidance or implements directly the growth strategy. A top-level network of professionists can provide all the services needed to achieve concrete results. 


What We Do Best

Strategy consultancy

Efficient strategy plans fully shaped on your own Brand needs, budget and targets. D4LUX builds tailored paths for Brands highlighting the uniqueness and features of every company.

Identification of opportunities

Exploration of favourable oppurtunities for the Brand development. We also swiftly support in estabilishing strategic partnerships and high-potential collaborations with key players.


Counselling for the Brand escalation in specific markets. Thanks to our international network we can assist you efficientely step by step to an effective brand positioning.

360° service provider

Strategy and implementation of communication services: creation or restyling of the Brand imagine, press office activities, website, social media channels, marketing materials, events.



D4LUX organizes globally bespoke events and exhibitions dedicated to High Jewelry & Watches Brands & Designers and Vintage Jewelry & Watches Dealers.

The events organized by our specialized team are a concrete tool for building new collaborations and quickly promoting each company, transmitting the Brand’s values ​​directly and effectively.

With over 18 years of specific industry expertise, D4LUX identifies the key objectives by handling every detail. From organizational management, choice of suitable location, promotion, invitation and planning of appointments with guests, D4LUX supports each Partner in all phases from conception to post-event.

Every event is designed and structured according to the needs of each reality, optimizing timing and budget. Thanks to its extensive international network, D4LUX organizes B2C and B2B events as well as presentations dedicated to the press and media, inviting targeted guests and the major key players in the sector, concretely amplifying the opportunities of each Partner by elevating it and spreading its values.

Dalila Daffara



With over 18 years experience in High Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Watches & Diamond field at international level, Dalila Daffara has a strong background in business escalations.

Gemologist and Jewelry Expert, with a deep knowledge of products and processes, she fully understands every Brand’s needs providing swift, feasible and cost efficient solutions.

Dalila is specialized in creating and implementing customized strategies for growth and communication of Brands, Designers and Start-ups through integrated channels.

She has supported the expansion of many companies from different European Countries and Israel, guiding them in outstanding business expansions.

Dalila collaborates with specialized pubblications as expert. In addition she shares insights about the industry through her Instagram page and Blog. Her goal is sharing the excellence and insights of the field.